June Drops

Got em goodies for free (well most of em)

Haven’t bought any figure, gunpla or artbook for the past year so it’s very fortunate that I was able to acquire some of these goodies for either a cheap price or free.

I was able to snag one of these without the figure. Been craving for this artbook since February, but it kept slipping away from me. Glad to have this hardbound, 200+pages worth of huke artworks in my artbook collection.

I recently got copies of these games and out of all of them, I think I spent the most time with Tales of Graces and Metal Gear Solid 4. My sister is the one fiddling around with Little Big Planet 2, but I also occasionally play. Neptunia has mixed reviews over the net, what’s your take in this game?

Free tech goodies! I’m amazed at the transfer rate of the USB 3.0. It can transfer more than 100gb of data  15 minutes or less.

Finally received my Megurine Luka Nendoroid Cheerful Japan edition.I’m satisfied that my incessant gut feeling that GSC will come out with something paid off. Patience is truly rewarded.

I’d like to thank my friends at facebook who helped me out in choosing this Gundam (it was either this or the Ex-S.

It’s really nice to just wait something out. I wouldnt have gotten the BLK, FA-Unicorn, and the other goodies here for free if i was rush buying things.

Now then, obviously the gunpla will keep me busy. So which one should I review first? Luka or BLK artbook (or maybe the other games here)


6 thoughts on “June Drops

  1. Quite a nice meaty loot there.

    I can only speak for the first Neptunia but I say your enjoyment will depend on how much you enjoy all the references to gaming, anime and popular culture in the game. The gameplay is decent enough a bit repetitive but not too bad.

    • Thanks, I’m hoping I would like Neptunia as you did =P. Yeah, I heard from friends also that it has lots of references to the industries (gamindustri) you pointed out.

  2. Good thing that you chose the MG Unicorn, the EX-S is really a… brick. (then again, you’ll find that space WILL be a premium when you attached the Unicorn’s rear fuel tanks)

    • Orz, I know. Those fuel tanks really take up a lot of space and serve no visual purpose when looking up front DX. But it doubles as a stand, so I guess I’m going to include it XD

  3. Nice loot, hehe purchasing stuff is always nice. I can’t believe you purchased nothing of these three things for a year.

    I have a USB 3 board, but no USB 3 devices ;D

    The Gundam kit looks great, hopefully you can find the time to build it soon.

    • Thanks! I hope I can build the Unicorn soon too D=
      Hahaha yeah, but it’s a good thing too because the prices went down like crazy and some of them I got for free 😀

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