Focal Shift: Gunplas

Pretty Exia and pretty glass base as well, but that’s not the focus of this post XD

I’m currently fascinated by gunplas at the moment. Making one takes up much time and patience, but its somewhat rewarding to make your own figure from scratch.

Currently I am eyeing the MG 00-Seven sword and might repaint it with a different color. Its somewhat weird to have mechas lined up on my shelf and all of them are color blue XD

Will also get this MG Delta Plus just because it looks awesome

Building gunpla takes some imagination as well. Some builders add some color into them to make it distinct or to resemble other characters like these two examples from above.

People can also go for the less strenuous route and go for “straight build”. Straight build entails that the gunpla’s colors aren’t changed or even not painted at all. I never said that straight build is the lazy route because you will still need to do paneling. In competitions, paneling is very important in straight build categories since there isn’t much to look at such as custom paints or add-ons. Straight build tests your skill when it comes to simply building the gunpla. Requires much needed patience.

Of course you can opt to go color it, and add additional parts to your gunpla as well.

I’ve learned a lot from building gunpla lately like topcoatting or even something as basic as proper painting. I still will blog about figures, games, and the much promised artbook reviews that I told you guys about. To be honest, I’m still lacking on a narrow focus with the blog. Hopefully by September I would have decided on the official content and the domain name XD.



8 thoughts on “Focal Shift: Gunplas

  1. And from doing kits gunpla is the source of my Marisa’s waist joint fixing/replacement idea. =D

    Since I’d be moving my kits a lot (in doing stories) straight is only logical option for me, as any detailing would be ruined from heavy duty use.

    … Then again, I still have some unused Geara Zulu leg parts and some other extras… Hmmm…

    • Hahaha thankfully my figmas havent self-destructed yet for me to experiment on fixing broken joints. i guess figmas will eventually suffer from loose joints after heavy use like how you use them for your awesome stories.

      Topcoat your gunpla after doing some details, that way the ink sticks =D

      Geara Zulu, spare parts, KITBASH TIME!

  2. I have abosolutely no idea how to make one haha
    i wish i could because i dont have any gunpla in my collection mostly because i dont have time also to be making one D: so time confusing i bet you!

    • Try out the small ones as they are easier to to make (the HG 1/144 line).
      Well thats the only downside of making gunplas, time is needed if you want to have a good looking metal machine sitting beside your figmas

  3. These are cool, specially that Hyaku Shiki looking one. If didn’t get so anxious when making small precise tasks with my hands I would totally build my own gunpalas.

    • The delta plus is actually a transformable hyaku shiki if im not mistaken XD. My hands are also clammy and fidgety but i guess you’ll get the hang of it at some point =D

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