Ozinefest 2011 Figures

I’ve been totally lagging behind some posts, and this is what happens. A 103 imaged backlogged post.

I already did the entries for the cosplay and the gaming section of Ozinefest, so I guess its appropriate to now go to the final section, the figures. Luckily our booth was located right in front of it, and people from iairdash got IDs that’ll allow us to go inside early. The person in charge, Edrell, allowed us to take pics inside the divider, before the event started.

Lelouch from Code Geass looking fabulous here.

CC from code geass as well

Characters from Strike Witches. I’ve never seen it to be honest XD

Is this the nurse from Night Shift Nurses?

Azusa from K-on! =D

Mio from K-on!

Yui from K-on!

and Mugi, wait no Ritsu?

Nendoroid form aaand…

Nendo puchi. The collector is obviously a K-On fan here hahaha

Nanoha looking very pretty here. Anyone know where i can get this figure?

Luka, Miku and Miku’s wonfes version figmas were also present here.

Along with some nendoroids

and nendo puchis as well

Nendoroid Kaito

Nendoroid Snow Miku

Nendoroid Hatsune Miku Orchestra

Nendoroid Hatsune Maku with Hachune face

Clalaclan Phireas wearing a bikini and a crown?

Kureha also with the same get up. Tony Taka must be swimming in royalties atm XD

Asuka from Evangelion

Makinami Mari from Eva as well. Character was introduced in the new set of movies that was just released

The lovely and quiet Rei from Evangelion

Penpen the penguin, misato’s cute pet from Eva XD

BRS nendoroids of BRS and Dead Master

Black Rock Shooter figma

Dead master figma

Gold saw figma. Huke’s works are huge and raking it in right now with BRS, and Stein’s gate XD

Yuri from Tales of Vesperia

Edrell Dy the head of the entire figure booth area for Ozinefest 2011. Thanks for letting me in the barricade good sir =D

Yagyuu Jubei from Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls

A character in one piece who allegedly looks like me according to my friends LOLOOLOLOL

The sign says it there, but i really dont know where he is from XD

Clalaclan Phirias in her armor

Black Rock Shooter (black blade ver)

Black Rock Shooter

Dead Master

Black Rock Shooter anime version

Senjougahara Hitagi from Bakemonogatari XD


Nendoroid Toko Amano

Nendoroid Saber Lion

Nendoroid High Priestess

Hatsune Miku. Sorry if the pic was blurry here DX

Miku VN Mix

Kagamine Rin, Meltdown i think?

Another Miku figure here. How come there are hardly any Luka figures out there?! D=<

Fate Testarossa from the Nanoha series

and we also have a Nanoha here. Can’t have the titular character missing XD.

K-On figma cast, without Ui =P

An embarassed Mio XD. Will post a review of this figure soon enough

Makise Kurisu. I think this was based from the cover art drawn by Huke.

Busou Shinki figures were displayed as well. Haven’t tried collecting them. Though I have to say that modding one might be a project I’ll take up in the future =D

Belldandy from Aa megamisama! Prolly one of the original waifus that most people had back in the 90s. Hmmm anyone knows if there are awesome figures of Belldandy around?

The area had one case for the gunplas. I heard there was another booth where a lot of gunplas were kept, but i didn’t have the time to check them out DX

Nendoroids of some of the Touhou cast and Haruhi figmas litter about

Awesome base here! How do you guys display your figmas btw?

More nendos and figmas liter about the glass cases

Was really happy to see a lot of SHFiguarts of Kamen Rider figures here. I wonder why there is a small amount of people who places SIC figures though. You guys into SHF or SIC?

Can’t forget about Revoltech figures. Queen’s blade seems to be a good buy. Griffon QB or Revoltech QB?

Another look at the fate/stay area. That stand really is something XD I wonder if the figma gets stuck though

Nero, the saber class from Fate/Extra. I think this is a garage kit XD

Characters from Bayonetta. Haven’t played this game yet XD

From Devil may Cry 4. Is this Dante’s kid?

Snake sporting what seems to be a hi-tech riot shield

Dante still stylish to this day.

Chris Redfield from Resident Evil

and his woman partner whose name i forgot ^^;;

Not sure who is this, but what i’m sure of is that this is a garage kit made by one of the members of otakai figure society.

Again, I have no clue here. But sexy is sexy =D

Well endowed woman from Ikkitousen (then again, who isn’t in that series?)

Character from Princess Waltz, an eroge which spawned a decent anime and an H-OVA. Where is my fate/stay night of this?!

Tsubasa Hanekawa, while possessed by a cat spirit. Another great garage kit and here have some service shots =D

An unpainted garage kit of Saber Lily. I say keep it that way, it oddly looks better like that.

For more pics from ozinefest:
Blazblue and Marvel vs Capcom 3 Booth

For figure reviews:
Hi-Nu Gundoom
Nendoroid Hatsune Miku Orchestra
Nendoroid Touko Amano
Xiao Qiao 1/10 Scaled Sega Prize Review
Sakuya Izayoi Figma Review
Kamen Rider Kabuto SHFiguarts Review
World is Mine 1/8 Scaled from GSC Review
Black Rock Shooter (Black Blade ver) 1/8 Scaled from GSC Review

103 pictures, uploaded. How do you guys upload a lot of images in wordpress in a jiffy?

13 thoughts on “Ozinefest 2011 Figures

  1. Wow , thanks for uploading them. It must of been a pain updating them one by one. The Princess Waltz is actually Princess Lovers^^” Yuri lowell figure looks lovely and man, that hanekawa is ><

  2. Wow, I’d love to see a giant collection like this too someday. Especially to be behind the barriers and take so many yummy shots. I’d especially like to see those Shining Wind swimsuit figs and the Busou Shinki in person and out of a box.
    Ahhh, that Satoshi Toda Saber Extra garage kit! I’m wishing with all my might that Gift picks it up for a PVC release, all his other Sabers look awesome. There was a really really awesome Belldandy resin kit that was rereleased by Volks earlier this year (I think) but at 50k+ yen, wow.
    That Fate/Stay Night figma display, I dislike both of those figmas but damn, that setup looks cool…

  3. Oh that looks like a nice figure exhibition I’ve never seen figures on display in peson aside from my rooms XD
    A dream of mine would be to visit the Wonfes in japan someday, that would be great.

    It’s funny to see some figures there which are hard to get nowadays like Alters Yoshika for example.
    thx to your picture my interest in Alters Nanoha was aroused again *damn* :p

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