Ozinefest Cosplay

As promised, some cosplay pics, which I took during Ozinefest. There were a LOT of awesome cosplayers during the event. Sadly, I was busy helping out our booth, which lead to a lower number of pictures taken.

I’ll probably be talking less here since I don’t know all the people in the cosplay community here and the characters they are portraying, so forgive me for the lack of of textual substance this time around ^^

Though the costumes are already expensive, the wigs cost a lot as well ranging from P1,800 to 3,000.

Yes there were people who actually complained about the flatness of our BRS here XD

Now that’s light skinned! I wonder what sort of make-up was used here. Any idea?

Has anyone tried cosplaying here? I myself haven’t tried cosplaying as I have yet to find a character whom I’d want to spend a LOT of money to cosplay as. But by November I guess I’ll try to cosplay in Singapore just for the occasion (if I do find the luxury of money XP)

For links of other Ozinefest related events, you can check the links below:

Ozinefest Blazblue Philippines – IAirDash Booth

Ozinefest Figures

Up next, figures XD

7 thoughts on “Ozinefest Cosplay

  1. My favourite out of the lot is the Makise Kurisu cosplay, but I think the girl in the K-ON school uniform looks the most natural. The girl in the last photo also looks cute.

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