Blazblue Phase Shift 1

Work has been piling up and we’re almost approaching June, which happens to be the middle of the year (along with July). During these times, companies tend to perform harder in order to have excellent year-end reports for their brands. So we’re kind of really busy =P

Being the Blazblue nut that I am, I asked my comrade Michi if I can take pictures of her Phase Shift 1 copy for everyone to check out. Blazblue Phase Shift vol.1  is a story about how the Blazblue universe was before the Black Beast ran amok. You guys can check it out here at Amazon  for prices and whatnot =P

She actually asked a friend of ours to get her a copy, and our friend decided to leave the copy with me since I’m closer to her place ^^. Artbooks and manga usually come packaged this way to ensure that your piece of literature doesn’t have bent corners and it also saves on space too XD I’m a little surprised though that this single visual novel was thoroughly packaged. It was a real pain putting it back the way I found it too XP

After three layers of protective coverings, we now see Caelica Mercury gracing the cover once again. She does look a bit like Makoto with a pony tail by the way.

Removed that ad looking mini book jacket for a better look

First page alone already tells me that this is more of a Hazama story. I must warn you readers that you might be in some way spoiled with the story.

Hazama fighting a white-tiger Kaka looking guy (Tomonori was his name I believe) who can transform his arm into something you don’t pick your nose with.

After two pages of sinister looking characters, we finally get to see Trinity being a victim of gratuitous fan-servicing.

Oh, the Phase Shift series is a light novel. You need to either know how to read Japanese, or you need to have a friend who knows how to translate for you =D Those are the first three pages of the novel by the way =D

Some words and other stuff can be found at the back =D Kind of sad that Flickr nor WP doesnt have an instant rotate button in case i need to do some edits on the fly (like rotating the pics) so I had to do everything all over again D=

Sorry bout that Rachel fans, but by the time I realized I didn’t take a proper picture of Rachel’s head, the book was already repacked.

I noticed that there is a thing with magicians in this story and being endowed. Just so you guys know, all the black and white pictures ARE NOT ARRANGED to avoid possibly getting spoiled. You can check the Dustloop Forums for Hi-Res scans =D

If you guys are interested in another Blazblue merchandise, then I do suggest you check the link below.

BBCS Material collection.

Do you guys collect light novels too?

11 thoughts on “Blazblue Phase Shift 1

  1. Heee~~

    Seeing the pictures make me reaaaally excited to get it already. *u* Tried to avoid ordering from amazon so I went for instead. Thank you very much for posting these pictures! Also food for thought; Kazuma’s like, surrounded by pretty girls. O:

    • Oh i thought you ordered it in Amazon =D is a cheaper and better place to purhase artbooks and stuff? Yes and Kazuma acts like a porn-star talent scout in one image as well XD

  2. Oooo what an awesome light novel. Although I can prob read 50% of the kanji in there, I probably don’t understand them^^”!

    A very nice loot you got

  3. orz… why a light novel of all things, if it was a manga I would have hopes of it getting translated by fans or potentially licensed in English. I will place my hopes withe BB fandom, specially since this covers a period of the BB lore I would really like to know more about.

    • As far as I know, someone within the fandom was already translating Phase 0. And if it gains enough requests, aksys might consider translating the novel then release it in English; some other novels went through that path at least. As for Phase Shift 1, a summary has been provided in dustloop for the meantime.

    • Hahaha yeah like how a lot of fans translate fate/zero or KnK. This period of BB history does pique my interest as well because it answers a lot of questions and well its just interesting how some characters were like before. CAn’t wait for that Bloodedge portion.

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