Saber Lion Nendoroid Review

I wasn’t able to review this nendo since last week because I’ve only officially bought this from a friend recently (along with several figmas and two scaled figures for P5,000 only). I’m on a break from work because the entire nation is observing holy week.

Isn’t she adorable? I have a love-hate relationship with feline looking objects or cats themselves. I hate them because they’re too cute and in the process I get to love them. This character first appeared in Fate/Tiger Colosseum I believe.

Front and back cover of the box. I heard that this nendoroid is hard to come by nowadays, due to its wonfes exclusivity. Mandarake has one, but the price shoots up to 10,000 yen. Realizing that, I don’t know if I should be putting this on display or leave it in a box.

Not much parts here. The legs there are to make the nendo saber look as if it was relaxing while the arms are for the chopsticks/lion bowl combo. You can use the arms for other poses like the one I took.

I believe the illustration came from the Fate Coliseum game. Oh a brief background, Saber is a character from Fate/Stay Night and her favorite animal is, you guessed it, a lion.

One of the running jokes also of the FSN universe, which started in the Unlimited Bladeworks route, was that Saber loves too eat a lot that she keeps demanding food from Shirou to the point that their relationship as Master and Servant appears to have been reversed.

The fierce looking face here is saber’s default face. Looks like she wants to challenge someone… to an eating contest ^^;;

Unfortunately, Saber is kinda hungry and she can’t fight on an empty stomach. This is the second face that Saber comes with, a really cute ‘about-to-cry-if-you-don’t-give-me-food’ face. Btw, don’t mind the bootleg Saber Lily in the background. I’ve been meaning to modify that when I get a can of topcoat along with some paint =D

I don’t really know how to call this face XD As you can see she comes with chopsticks and a bowl for…eating action. Food not included which she notices.

She also comes with a meat on a bone for her to gobble up since GSC forgot to place food in her bowl, cruelty to animals!

Oh yeah, Saber can use the piece of meat as a weapon for a very meaty attack. Despite being in a lion costume and with her entire character centralized on satisfying her hunger, Saber still remains to be saber regardless whether she’s in an armored suit or not.

You can check the game where she came from here:

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The Saber Lion is the third nendoroid I have, and probably the first wonfes exclusive item I have received. By the way, How many of you guys here have exclusive figures or one of a kind figures and just leave it their boxes?

20 thoughts on “Saber Lion Nendoroid Review

  1. Saber in the lion costume looks really adorable, I guess she’s one of these all time favorite Nendoroids among collectors, congratulations for getting her 😉
    I really love that rice bowl accessory, the clear thing from the base between her legs is a bit prominent, but nevertheless a really cute Nendoroid.

    • Yeah it is prominent, but it has been built that way because her head is heavy and she’ll easily topple over if they used the stand with a plastic cast behind. Got her for only…1,000 pesos. Thats 200USD I think, and she’s original =D LUCKY GET

  2. I always found this nendo hilarious for both the interpretation of Saber’s role as a king and that donut that I can’t use. I also find it adorable with the faces that she came with.

    • Hmmm youre right, with that hair and the lion, she’d look like a really ferocious (or mangled) lion. Just put Movable saber’s face on her too and we got ourselves a crazy lion as well XD

  3. I’ve always wanted this to add to my Saber collection (I have both Nendo Super Moveable Saber and Saber Lily) but after reading your review, I want her even more! Will get her as soon as I deal with my Saber preorders…

  4. I’m surprised that you were able to get a hold of a saber lion nendoroid. She’s been out for a long time and a lot of people wanted her, so it’s hard to get one now.

    • A frend of mine, KBeneza, sold it to me along with other figmas as well. The price was too irresistible that you’d be crazy not to take it already XD

  5. Hi , a very great review and i see reason why you got this one neno. Still , after i got mine one question still bugs me … is that me or i just can’t put her to stand on this strange action base ? She always slips or just overweights every time i try to make her stand still. But yours seems stands very sturdy . Any tips ? Thanks.

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