Busy Week – Ozinefest

Been really busy the past month and this first week of April because of multiple opportunities that came up, which I took all at once. No I’m not regretting I got too many, in fact I believe that it’s a learning experience that will allow me to grow as a person. For starters, last week I was invited to go to a company sponsored vacation trip to Barcelona and I really did get to see new things and learn about their culture. I’ll be posting a report of the places I’ve been to after I’ve gotten most of the pictures from my other co-workers (300+images to edit ^^;;)

This week, the fighting game community I belong to is going to join anime magazine brand, Ozine, in their yearly three day event, Ozinefest. On all three days, we’ll be handling a gaming booth which will allow free games for fighting game enthusiasts such as Blazblue, Marvel vs Capcom 3, Guilty Gear and Arcana Hearts 3.

The games that we’ll be featuring this time are Blazblue Continuum Shift v1 and Marvel vs Capcom 3. There will also be tournaments for these games on Saturday and Sunday. For more details please visit Ozinefest’s website. TAke note that the schedule placed there is wrong, Saturday is BBCS, while Sunday is MvC3.

So far our community is handling events for Blazblue and more recently, Marvel vs Capcom 3 (we’ll have to see if we can handle two games). We’ll see if Melty Blood, Arcana Hearts, Guilty Gear, and other games have a following here in the country, but we do play these games as well. Our partner, Pinoy2dfighters , handles Street Fighter, King of Fighters and MvC3 as well.

We also have other plans which we’ll reveal on that day as well to promote 2d fighting games in the Philippines.


10 thoughts on “Busy Week – Ozinefest

  1. That’s pretty cool, much better to act on the opportunities presented to you than decline them for the sake of convenience.

    You just made notice, for not being particularly good or enjoyable for me I sure buy and play a lot of 2D fighters as I have done with all those you listed at some point or another.

    • Well, i guess we all have our preferences when it comes to games XD

      I’m just lucky those opportunities presented themselves, so I guess what better way to honor that opportunity by grabbing it =D

  2. It’s great that you’re helping to bring fans together by volunteering at a booth. I don’t think I’d have the willpower to do that, I’m one of those people that would rather play the games 🙂

    • At least you play the game right? Our efforts would be wasted if there weren’t anyone playing the game, so I’m cool with those who just want to play. =D

  3. How big/strong is the fighting game scene in the Philippines? It’s rare I find other otaku blogs who play fighters too. (゚Д゚;) I’d love to visit the Philippines one day let alone give the fighting game scene a taste.

    • Hey sure, just drop a message in my blog and we’ll set up casuals just to welcome you =D Can’t wait to play against another Makoto player as well hahaha

    • Its in my desktop, I’ll upload all of them as soon as I buy a premium account. As for “personalized” pictures with you (or anyone) with (anyone), I can give em to you personally as I won’t be posting everything =D

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