Office Trip – Barcelona

Next week, from March 28, 2011 up till April 3, 2011 I won’t be blogging for a while because the place where I work is going to put me in a box and send me to this place here.

That funky looking building is the Sagrada Familia, designed by Antoni Gaudi and has been 1882. Expected date of completion is on 2026, lol that’s a long project ^^;; and it can be found in Barcelona, Spain. Yep, that’s right our awesome office is going to pay for our trip to Barcelona and I was part of those who were eligible to join the trip, hopefully nothing happens out of the blue like a hurricane monster deciding to ruin your plans.

I am truly excited since this is my first time to go someplace THIS far (like almost at the other end of the world far) and its my first time to visit a European country. The most I’ve been to are Singapore for a vacation trip (aka AFA 2010) and Australia when I was made an exchange student when I was in High school. Oh yeah, pic above with the huge fountain which looks like something right out of episode 8 of Madoka is the Font Magica (Fountain of Magic)

Haven’t been able to post much because since we’re going away for a week, work was ruthless all of march, I’ll leave a figure review or two before i leave =D. If you guys know any awesome place or some cool shop in Barcelona please do leave a comment as I’ve never been to the city and if I do get lost, I hope I don’t randomly wind up as a matador and be free kill for the bulls there.

Does the place you work with have some sort of rewards such as an all-expense paid trip by your company or free figures as well?


8 thoughts on “Office Trip – Barcelona

  1. Cool… Have a good trip there. Not bring any nendo or figma for some random shootings there? =D

    An all expense trip… oh how I wished… T_TT

    • Hahaha thanks, I wanted to bring a nendo with me, but i fear of lost/broken/damaged parts that might happen to the nendos. Ah how i wish i had puchis now hahaha. And i also have to make room for the stuff im bringing home from Spain like their Ham and Bull brains

      Well, i guess its a reward for job well done XD

  2. Hope you have fun over there. I’ve missed out on two chances to go to Spain so far, but I intend to go visit the country at least before I die 🙂

    Unfortunately, my company doesn’t give me free trips to places around the world.

    • Booo, you should’ve taken that chance. Oh well there must be other reasons behind it yes? I need to go to japan more than once in my life and the US. I want to also visit places like Romania, Scandinavia and Iceland because they’re rarely mentioned as “top of mind places to go” =D

  3. Whaaa. office tour >.<
    so lucky, ive always wanted to visit that cathedral or church or building ^^''
    It looks so old haha like the rock is melting XD

    • Thats a very unique way of describing it hahaha. Its true though that it does look as if it was melting, maybe it was meant to look that way XD

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