Marvel vs Capcom 3 Acquired!

After 10 years worth of waiting, Capcom has finally brought out the much awaited third installment of the Marvel vs Capcom series entitled Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of two worlds.

This is the second time I bought a Playstation 3 DVD even if I do not own a PS3 of my own. But unlike the Blazblue Continuum Shift, I bought the MvC3 DVD as a birthday gift for my close friend. The spiderman figure didn’t come with the game by the way, I think I bought this figure five years ago. Fully poseable just like a figma too. Oh and will review that GN-X in the back soon =D

When I saw the opening, I was doubtful at some of the match-ups, especially on the capcom side. I mean Ryu vs Wolverine, and Hulk vs Chris Redfield? Its somewhat apparent who will win, but then again its only a game XD

Its been a long time since I’ve seen a manual that’s somewhat thick. I used to enjoy gaming manuals back when I was a wee lad together with SNES, Sega and even Jaguar or Neogeo games.

DVD art looks just as nice as the manual and the game cover. The regular edition of the game costs around 1695php (around 38USD). There is a limited edition that comes with a comic and two free DLC characters, namely Jill Valentine and Shuma Gorath.


Mind you MvC3 isn’t exactly like MvC2, nor is it totally different. There were lots of character tweaking involved, particularly the Marvel characters like Storm and Magneto (bye bye tri-jump) making it a bit more balanced. How I wish though that a certain game churn out a new installment (Guilty Gear) or how the next upgrade could come faster than scheduled (Blazlue)



6 thoughts on “Marvel vs Capcom 3 Acquired!

  1. I sure saw stacks and stacks of he game today when I went to pick Nepunia. I found it odd the 360 stack was bigger since I find playing fighters on that controller impossible.

    I progressively ended up hating MvC2 the more I played it. Never happened with any other game so when MvC3 was announced I became weary.

    Now though by having characters on the Capcom side I’m actually interested in and the game seemingly being more similar to TvC than MvC2 I want to give it a try.

    • MvC3 is actually more “balanced” than its predecessor (SO FAR, unless someone discovers something like AHVB till oblivion or unfly or trijumping). Its pretty much like TvC in terms of buttons, but as for gameplay I’m not too sure since I havent played much of TvC too judge it as similar. I’ve been playing MvC2 since i was 14 years old, so this game is I’m pretty hyped up about it.

      D-padding with the 360 is hard. If you own a 360, i suggest investing in an arcade stick with a 360plug-USB transformer if you can.

      • That’s good, the useless large cast of characters, infinite combos, and people playing with the same small set of characters is what made me dislike the game. If MvC3 has none of that I’m good.

      • I get what you mean. Most of the palyers usually use MSP (Mags-storm-psylocke) or Storm-sent-capcommando or anything that has a storm, a magneto, a cable or a sentinel.

        MvC3 actually took inspiration from Guilty Gear, so no infinite combos (unless you activated x factor, then you can do a semi-infinite at least)

  2. I was in stitches upon seeing Spidey in that pose. XD
    Wonder if that game has half-screen dashing like Touhou Hisoutensoku? Since I’m more of an acrobatic player. =D

    • Certain characters can only 3 directions while on air, others only back or forward, while a few can do an 8 way dash. The distance is fairly ok, the big gaping difference is the dashing speed between characters though.

      No grazing in this game though =D

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