GN-X Progress

After almost a month’s worth of procrastination, I was able to get my butt moving and started topcoatting the GN-X’s frame this weekend.

Although a friend of mine said not to topcoat the interior skeletal frame because some of the parts might not fit, I decided to go along with it anyway. I reasoned out that the parts might be more sturdier and would stick to the other pieces more efficiently that way.

It truly is a huge difference when you’ve topcoatted a Gunpla versus just assembling it. The untopcoatted one (link) looks plasticky as opposed to the matte finish that this one has. The topcoat I used for this was the Mr.Hobby Topcoat Flat.

I realized that I had the neck on the other side so I had to adjust it a bit. Placed the chest parts just to make it look like a boss of some sort RPG game that involves fighting against evil robots.

I totally prefer the conic GN-Drives from season 1 as opposed to the miniaturized versions found in the second season and more so in the movie. I’ve been thinking of ways to put a purple LED light inside the chest part to make it look better, so far no luck. Any suggestions?


I’ll be finished with this gunplay by tomorrow for sure =D hooray for me.


6 thoughts on “GN-X Progress

  1. Flat top coat makes plastic look more solid. =D
    Also a larger-size GN Drive will make it look more imposing. =)

    Aww… Sakuya is sweeping the table for runner chips. HNNNG~!

    • Haha i just finished assembling the GN-X (finally!!!). Sakuya has loads to clean up from all the mess i made. I made sure that i sanded the entire thing and there are no rogue runner bits anywhere on the kit.

      Been thinking of using the semi-gloss or the gloss someday, and believe it or not, I’ll be trying it out on a figma loooool

      • Hahaha lol. Naw, its for certain parts like Saber’s (the blue one) armor. I want to see if i adding semigloss or gloss can make the armor look wonderful.

        Now the question is, which one to use. Gloss or semigloss. If the experiment proves to be a success you can expect a shiny Sakuya watch and knife set to be posted in my blog all ofa sudden XD

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