Canon 450D Camera Repair

I really don’t know what happened, but all of a sudden the auto focus in my camera stopped working and that would severely limit me especially when it comes to taking pictures of events which requires you to not constantly focus your lens manually.

And since the lens is already out of warranty, I had to surrender some dough to get it repaired. Its not actually pretty bad for 1,150php (about 25.50 USD) considering that it’s an SLR lens.

Canon’s branch in Waltermart Makati area really looks neat and Canon-y with all the red and white corporate colors adorning the office. The personnel there were nice enough to explain things thoroughly to me. I also had a G9 that was kind of wonky, which explains why I didn’t take pictures during Nic’s casuals right after the Streaming Casuals event (link)

The repairman was nice enough to allow me to look (from the outside of course) at how the camera is being repaired as well. I didn’t take pictures of all the process for obvious reasons ^^;;

Decided to buy an SD card reader at CD-R king in order to be able to easily read the SD-HC format cards. I’ve been having a hard time transferring files that were from SD-HCs since I didn’t have a proper converter at that time. Surprisingly the SD-HC card reader is cheap and can be bought for a mere 50php (roughly an American dollar and 10 cents).

Here is the G9 which my friend lent me. The G9 is a wonder to work with especially macroshots! The biggest drawback to this might be its weight, but it really packs an SLR-level punch for a relatively small camera.

The 18-55mm lens is finally repaired and Miku sits triumphantly on a repair well done Its amazing how Canon’s entire repair process only took an hour as long as they have the parts they need. If they don’t, tough luck you’ll be sitting camera-less for a week or two. The flash unit belongs to a good friend of mine, Leslie So Chan who also drew me a good luck art for the team battles. I’ll post the pic sometime soon, but for now please be satisfied with her deviantart or her tumblr account.


Having a good camera (and a flash unit in my opinion) is a must for every blogger who strives to make use of both pictures and words to entertain his or her audience. What equipment do you guys use?



10 thoughts on “Canon 450D Camera Repair

  1. So THATS what a SLR lens looks like from the inside. Was thinking that it was more of a mechanical than electronics.

    Currently using… *cough*Samsung ES17*cough* which tends to focus something other the subject I’m trying to focus. XD

    Hmm… Canon G9, eh? Good for macros, eh? Interesting.

    • Yup, the G9 (or G10 and 11 for that matter) has a very good macro lens. In fact, a lot of digicams have way better macros than most SLRs with a macro mode. Of course using a macro lens is an entirely different story altogether =D

      Hows your Samsung? Been thinking of getting a camera thats just as small as a Lumix

      • It only can do 3X the optical zoom and (sad to say) no (optical) image stabilizer. It uses your bog-standard two AA batteries (rechargeables or branded alkalines are must) and good for beginners who are starting with digital photography.

        Now… my needs are already beyond what my camera can provide… orz
        Maybe I’ll send over some of Marisa’s shots that I did recently (unmodified at 1MP) to your email so you can evaluate it.

      • Sure, why not. If you have the budget, i highly recommend getting a canon 1000d for starters (or even a second hand 450d or 500d) Im not really sure what the camera model’s name is there at your place (sometimes a 450d is known as a kiss XTi or a rebel, Canon, why do you do this?)

  2. Shit thats a neat NEAT place for fixing lol
    luckily my camera hasnt got a problem or else it will be hard for me to find somewhere to fix it, there isnt such place like the one you have where i am ^^

    • Lucky you, though I suggest ye start saving up for a new one if your camera is close to 3-4 years. Some of the components are bound to wear off at that time and repairs to the lens would usually involve two scaled figures worth XD

      I’m sure there is one somewhere at your place. Youre in australia at the moment right?

  3. That’s surprisingly cheap, I would think it would cost more to repair. You made feel guilty now, I should take better care of my DSLR. At the very least I should invest on a case for it. Leaving it there sitting and gathering dust when I don’t use can’t be good.

    • Its the 18-55mm lens, so the parts are pretty easy to manufacture for Canon i think. The other lenses on the other hand are a different story, the repair may cost you an arm and a leg, especially if its an L-Series lens Q__Q

      Yes you should invest a case for it. The airport kept chucking my camera bag from place to place that the 50mm 1.8f’s autofocus wont work and God knows that lens relies on AF

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