GSC 5th Photo Con update

I haven’t been able to blog everyday like last week because work kind of spiked up recently and I hope someday I can get to talk to you guys about what I do for a living (or what I do to get figures XD).

This exclusive wonder hobby stand for Nendoroids will be given as a participatory prize to those who joined the contest. I strongly suggest that everyone should try their earnest to join the contest. It goes without saying that everyone should also try to submit something they can be proud of too =D

Apparently you can either use the crane like part to keep your nendos in place, or the stand parts that your nendos or even nendo puchis come with. Its definitely worth just joining.

GSC updated their application page, and in case you guys are wondering what that portion with the box means, it just says that “Application can now be done from cellphones starting today. Have your phone read the QR code to the right to transfer to the mobile application site.” (Thanks Raf for the translation there). I’m not sure if this service is Japan-only, but to be safe just submit through their web page ^^


Special Judges:

Aki Takanori

MAX Watanabe

Masaki Asai

Hobby Japan

Type Moon


We might get a special type-moon related or BRS-related special prize from the contest, so I do suggest you try your hardest to win =D

Room was a total mess last Saturday. Will post an entry about what happened on that day after the Wonfest photo con submissions are done and over with.

This is the final GSC figure pooling we had. That’s 16 Figmas, 8 Nendos, a complete set of nendo puchis from fate/stay night, and 1 scaled figure.

I’d like to thank Mark, Kei, Pete, Ry and Oliver for pooling their resources so we can all have more things to choose from. I think even if we didn’t win, we’ll still be more or less satisfied because we thoroughly enjoyed taking pictures of these lovely GSC figures.

I’m certainly going to buy a Nendoroid Hatsune Miku (even if I’ve already pre-ordered a Hatsune Miku Orchestra Nendoroid). The Hachune Face is a must have for any sort of nendo collector, whether you be a serious one or a casual one.

For more information about the entire contest you can visit this page to learn more. Just remember deadline of entries is on January 14, 2011.





9 thoughts on “GSC 5th Photo Con update

    • Its a miracle that i was able to clean everything right after =D

      I only own the BRS, Sakuya, Luka, Miku, and Saber Figmas plus the Toko Nendo and World is mine, the rest were from friends who contributed so that we have a wide variety to choose from. We didn’t use everything though hahaha

  1. That’s pretty nice that we get something for at least participating. Although I would like to get the photo frame with your submitted picture like some people did for last year’s contest.

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