Sakuya Izayoi Figma Review

And another figure arrived this Christmas, care of my younger brother. Sakuya is one of the many characters in the Touhou Universe which got the Figma treatment from Good Smile Company.

Like any good time-stoppng maid, her first reaction upon arriving in my room was to clean it. Look at how disappointed that face is upon seeing the stray DVD I bought from CD-R King.

Oh yeah, and here is how she looked like inside the box. I’m wishing Remilia gets the figma treatment as well.

She comes with a mop, a pocket watch to stop time, and knives… lots and lots of knives like any other head maid would have. ^^;;

I really have my complains with this figure, especially because the parts weren’t sanded very well (still had left over bits that can be sandpapered which i did). I checked the net for fake Sakuya Izayoi reports and so far nothing showed up. So its really more of QA control =___=

On the upside, The frills of her maid outfit looked really well. I’m actually tempted at the moment to buy another Figma of Sakuya and then kitbash this one for more fun =)

Here is Sakuya’s msiling face, be warned of her green ribbons. The paint can stick to the other parts more easily than the other parts rubbing against each other, no innuendo intended.

And here is her closed eye smiley face which can be interpreted in multiple ways.

Really happy

Or really mad Q___Q

There are stickers that can goes with it too to further illustrate our head maid’s emotions.

I don’t know what she’s thinking by holding up these knives at the moment ^^;;

Said knives have a special pair of hands to put them in where in you tuck them between the fingers. Be careful as the knives are really small that you may lose them. I was looking for one that fell on the floor and found it after thirty minutes.

Yes, I know I could’ve found it earlier if my room wasn’t such as a mess. She comes with a mop, because every maid of the house must have one XD.

Aside from holding the knife (which I didn’t take a picture of) you can also tuck the large knife in the holster found strapped on her thigh ^^;;

Her pocket watch, the luna dial, is attached to a special hand part.

Our head maid doesn’t just serve her mistress with tea, she also protects the household as well with her trusty knife throwing and time stopping skills. Now that’s one handy maid.

Touhou figures aren’t really the cheapest among the figma bunch, but its well worth it.

Had a hard time taking pictures of this figure because of her bangs. I’ll need better lighting if I want to take pictures with her face brightened up.

13 thoughts on “Sakuya Izayoi Figma Review

  1. Oh nice figma, her dress with the short skrt is really cute 😉
    Im not very fond with Touhou but in terms of the look Sakuya
    always was my favorite.
    In your picture figma sakuya 10 she looks really lovely
    the mop is a cool item of her

    • Hahaha same. not into touhou as much but i like Sakuya’s character design. Thanks for the comment on picture 10, and i do agree the mop is indeed an awesome item for maid like her (more than a broom in fact)

  2. Uggu… Your close up shots of her face… Reminds me of… Innocent Keys VA for Sakuya in their songs… Which is quite… HNNNNNNNG~! >.<

    I iz poizans.

    Odd, the red ribbon on my figma Marisa didn't tend to stick to anywhere else.

    • Hahaha thanks, yes it is quite hnnnnnnnnggg XD

      Maybe its because of the humidity at that time. I live in the philippines and its quite humid here most of the time

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