Kitsune Pepakura

During one of my less active days, I try out new things that can contribute to my personal development, like Pepakura ^^;;

Picked a design called “Kitsune” (fox) out of one of the hatena blogs in the internet. I should have picked something easier, but I can’t resist bringing that “XD face” to life.

This was the cut out I used to make the Kitsune-kou. A copy of the pdf file can be found here (, but I’m almost sure I got this from a different site altogether.

Each part has been lined up minus the tail. Took me around 9 hours to complete everything. Tip for you guys is don’t use bond paper when making pepakura, its hard to make sure that there are no wrinkles anywhere and a relatively malleable paper doesn’t help.

できた!!! I had trim away the green glue gun residue to make it look like she doesnt have boogers all over her XD.

Sideview. THE TAIL WAS HARD. Connecting the pieces and making sure they stick together was a tough job. Had to clean tons of glue from it =___=

I love the ears the most. I dont know but fox ears to me are far superior than cat ears.

Cleaned most of it, just had a hard time cleaning the green goop near her throat.

Well almost done anyway.

Pepakura, or papercraft, is like a cheaper substitute to nendoroids. There are some people who actually display their pepakuras, and I’ve displayed mine since this piece takes a loooong time to build with lots of patience and persistence involved.



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